Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Homeowners that have homes not on municipal water and sewer services will have to be prepared to maintain septic systems. Despite the dire warnings that some are given, these systems will usually operate without concern for decades as long as proper care and maintenance is provided. This includes a combination of sensible use by the residents of the home along with regular professional services.

pumpingFor septic tank pumping prices residents should consider scheduling a regular appointment, rather than waiting until a problem arises. This will prevent the risk of sewer backups and any pooling of excess water on lawns. Both of these are unpleasant, and almost always entirely avoidable.

If the home is purchased with an existing septic tank, and the age and condition are not known, an inspection of the system should be one of the first steps that is taken after gaining ownership. This will make it possible for the condition to be accessed, the tank to be pumped and cleaned if needed, or any other work to occur before problems are able to manifest.

In most instances, the process of Septic Tank Pumping Snellville GA homes will need to be performed once every three to five years. However, the size of the tank, the number of people living in the home and the age of the system can help to determine the perfect schedule.

Homeowners can do some simple things to reduce how often Septic Tank Pumping needs to happen. This includes never flushing anything other than toilet tissue and not pouring harsh cleansers or bleach down plumbing lines. Leaking sinks or showers that cause excess water to run into the tank should be repaired. Avoid pouring grease down the sink because it can clog plumping pipes and fill septic tanks. Remove any trees or other vegetation that may allow roots to invade plumbing lines and tanks, creating blockages that can be difficult to clear.

When it is needed, Septic Tank Pumping Duluth GA tanks generally takes less than an hour. The initial pumping, where the volume in the tank is higher or excessive amounts of solid debris blocking lines could cause the service to take longer. Contact a septic cleaning service to find out more about how often tanks should be pumped and cleaned. They can also provide an accurate estimate of cost for these services, perform inspections or update older systems. In addition drain field, repair and installation is also available.