Dignity and Respect for All

In November 1956, the Stratford Home and School Council appointed a
committee to investigate how best to serve special needs children, who were at
that time excluded from the public school system. Thus was the “community
living” movement born in Stratford. The committee, led by Eileen Langley,
eventually oversaw the opening of a school for children with disabilities (1957),
sheltered workshops (1966) and a residential home (1975).

In 1989 our agency adopted the title Community Living, formalizing philosophies
and principles already well established. Our entire history is documented in our
50th anniversary report, and we invite
you to look further at a movement that has brought respect and dignity to people
with disabilities, and opened many eyes to the fact that we all want the same
things in life.

Today, Community Living Stratford and Area provides a wide variety of supports to
over 120 adults.